We’d like to approach faith formation, learning and experiencing the Christian Way, as vacation for the soul. While it may take a little effort and will take some time, faith formation is a break from the cares and worries of our daily chores and work.
Think of it like a swim in a lake. It might be cold at first, but soon it’s bracing and energizing.


Dive into the Daily Office

This practice of saying or reading of structured prayers and Bible selections at different times of day and throughout the year can be easily done by just following given texts.

The Daily Office <http://www.missionstclare.com/english/index.html> a computer ministry offering structured Morning and Evening Prayer.

The Daily Office West <http://dailyoffice.wordpress.com/> a computer ministry offering structured Morning and Evening Prayer timed for the Western Hemisphere

Divineoffice.org A Roman Catholic structured office with for all the hours.


Leap into Lectio Divina

The practice of prayerful reading of texts, can be done with just a little practice and dedication.

Lectio Divina <http://www.osb.org/lectio/about.html> the Order of St. Benedict offers instructions and readings useful for the practice.

Lectio Divina <http://www.fisheaters.com/lectiodivina.html> a Roman Catholic site provides a good outline of the steps involved.

Accepting the Embrace of God: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina <http://www.valyermo.com/ld-art.html> a good survey by a Benedictine of the history and practice with some useful instructions for individuals or groups.


Plunge into planning:

Using these links to websites about Spiritual Formation, you can follow more advance programs for yourself or along with others.

Discipleship Tools <http://www.discipleshiptools.org/>. This site offers a well-detailed curriculum from a “Reformed, Conservative and passionate Evangelical” perspective. The free materials offer short summaries about a wide variety of subjects related to discipleship (such as prayer, fellowship, Christian living, evangelism), followed by useful questions for further thought. Lessons are often closely tied to Bible verses.

Deeper Devotion <http://www.deeper-devotion.net/faith-formation.html>. A site maintained by a professional spiritual director in the Netherlands associated with the Crossroads International Church of Amsterdam. It offers some short contemplative pieces on transforming one’s life in a Christian direction.

Christian Spiritual Formation <http://www.messiah.edu/ministries/documents/SpiritualFormationBooklet.pdf > This online brochure from Messiah College describes the ministries for that school, rooted in Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan traditions. Although geared to their curriculum, it also offers to anyone a structure and some suggested readings for being, knowing, and doing in Christ.

Faith Formation Learning Exchange <http://www.faithformationlearningexchange.net/adults.html> Put together by the largely Lutheran Vibrant Faith ministries, the website offers lots of materials on formation, including articles, annotations of books, podcasts, and serious research.

Faith Formation for the 21st Century <http://www.faithformation2020.net/> Using four scenarios to describe where adults might be in their faith, the site offers resources to nurture faith growth. Included are presentations and podcasts from workshops, curricula, guides, links, and suggested readings (affiliated with Faith Formation Learning Exchange).


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